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Underpressure Drilling
Underpressure drilling (Hot taps) is a means of making a live connection into an existing pressurised pipeline without the necessity to depressurise the system
Line stopping (flow stopping) is a means of temporarily isolating a pressurised pipeline without any interruption to flow and customer services to enable planned and emergency installations to be completed.
Wall Tapping
Reservoir/ digester wall tapping (hot tapping) cores a hole through a reinforced concrete retaining structure without draining down.
Underpressure Valve
Underpressure valves are permanent resilient wedge gate valves that can be installed on any pipe material with pressure up to 16 bar.
Pipe Cutting
Pipe cutting (cold cutting) is a safe method of cutting out a section of pipeline in a controlled manner, leaving a machined finish to the pipe end.
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