About US: 

Swan Pipelines is the only UK based linestopping/underpressure drilling company that is solely comitted to serving the UK water industry.

We have a strong management team with a wealth of experience within our field and a workforce that is comitted to providing a first class service to our valued customers. 


Swan Pipelines continue to offer the alternative option, we quote as an independent company and keep our prices competitive and ensure market pricing retains a competitive edge.


Offering immediate or urgent repair work, as well as fulfilling longer term contracts Swan Pipelines offer a competitive and reliable service, allowing you to carry out your work without shut down.


Our staff and technicians are highly experienced and fully trained on the latest techniques following an ongoing rigorous training program.

Our team are all dedicated to the success of Swan Pipelines and total customer satisfaction and this has resulted in us becoming the customers preferred supplier .


Our smart professional teams will arrive on time at your site with total quality, health and safety and environmental paperwork. Our fleet of fully equipped vans are backed by roaming support in the event of additional resources being required.

Underpressure techniques will cause no interruption to customer service meaning that there will be no costly shutdowns or customer dissatisfaction. The quality of the water is maintained as there is a highly reduced risk of contamination or discolouration compared to other options. 


Health and saftey

Swan Pipelines will never compromise safety, as the welfare of everyone involved with Swan Pipelines is paramount.


We have an excellent safety record and our commitment to maintaining these standards is recognised by our accreditation to OHSAS 18001.


Quality is at the forefront of our business.


Swan Pipelines services are recognised as industry leading and all of our processes are accredited to ISO 9001.


Swan Pipelines are committed to the people within our organisation, our customers and our suppliers.


Swan Pipelines continually improves the management of environmental issues and to demonstrate this we are accredited to ISO14001.

Phone: 01207 232487